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Factory Address:Wuhan Qiaokou Gutian four 47
Office: Wuhan City, 5th Floor, Block A Huidong Garden
M S N:whhzs@hotmail.com
MOBILE:18907182697 13164651337
Zip Code: 430027
About Us

    Wuhan HengZhiSheng Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd.locates at the strand of Yangtze River in Wuhan, is a large business enterprise ,which is unique to be engaged in petrochemical keeping equipments and piping accessories to produce and develop in Hua zhong .The business enterprise carries out the principle of“your need, be we pursue” over a long period of time.Start from the development of the beginning of 90’s, with the public business enterprise and the personage’s help and the support.The business enterprise develops up to now, getting numerous unusual honors, acquiring a Chinese petrochemical group company,Chinese petroleum natural gas group company,The original chemistry industrial department’s fixed-point business enterprise, and it has gotten the international quantity system attestation of ISO9001:2000. 
    Our company is the unique professional factory in bussiness petrochemical storage equiments and manufacturings of accesorieses in Huazhong. Its main product has various breather value . flame arresting ,filter,high - grde filter,sight glass,breathing manhole ,drain hole ,oiltank swing.atoumatic coupling ,iquidometer,the vent sliencer,unloading arm,air foam generator,etc. 
    All products of our company have stable quatily ,good function ,well-founded species etc. the main products of our are both popular at home and abroad, extensively applied in the various filed , such as petroleum,chemical engineering and medicine...etc., give the best aftercare for 24 hours strictly .Deep get the appreciation of the large costomers !      




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