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In march, China imports of crude annulus sustained growth

On April 26, dow Jones, according to the latest news, Chinas customs statistics, Chinas total import crude oil in March 2106.3 tons, 13.77% year-on-year growth, compared 28.89%.

In march, China top ten oil source as follows: Angola, respectively, compared 457.06 tons 77.93% increase year-on-year increase, 98.63%, Saudi Arabia, 321.7 tons, compared 11.19% 29.17% year-on-year growth, down, Iran, 222 tons, 53.31% year-on-year growth, compared 14.74%, Russia, 162.2 tons, annulus 0.36%, came last 19.1% respectively, Libya, 144.1 tons, increase year-on-year increase compared 984.58%; 312.71%, 122 tons, Oman, 28.11% year-on-year drop down, annulus on, Sudan, 101.8 tons, increase year-on-year drop compared 12.26%, 0.36%, Iraq, 94.7 tons, annulus, 73.49% increase year-on-year drop triazophos, Kuwait, 140.25% 94.5 tons, increase year-on-year increase compared 26.38%, Kazakhstan, 91.9 tons, increase year-on-year increase compared 13.57%, 151.61%. Data shows, oil imports annulus sustained growth.

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