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Industry News
the United States may be sold to the Chinese LNG

   According to the American bloomberg news agency reported on April 28, standard chartered bank, said today because cheaper production costs exceed the transport, the United States may have to sell China liquefied natural gas (LNG).

   Standard chartered bank today in a report said that in recent signing the contract, the world first LNG 2 big energy consumer China might per million British unit price of $10 calorie of liquefied natural gas (LNG) buy us.

   China currently has purchased from Qatar and Australia of LNG.
Sanford Bernstein cristiano, said China has signed the contract has the LNG imports, 34 million tons in China domestic LNG LNG in demand in 2020 will reach 400 million tons.

   Sanford Bernstein cristiano company also said the U.S.natural gas production in the past four years.

   From the gulf of Mexico, the United States with the LNG ships transported to Asia needs about 64 days.

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