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Industry News
News media focus \"oil cubic\"

   916 million!This is a reporter on May 4, when Google search in 17 input "oil hall of the results.

   From the foundation to the official opening of open more than a year, oil museum has got the media focus.On May 1, especially since the expo garden party, many media reporters have experience, oil from every Angle and analytical their eyes "oil cubic".

  CCTV in the ZhuHong take you see the expo "column, and construction of theme from exhibition hall, oil and shelter and food hall on oil relationship.Peoples net in the expo channel, everyday is related to the report highlights oil hall, energy, science value from the angles of oil to the reader, "oil cubic" charm.Arriving from the statistics of oil, petroleum attention fossil energy prospects.Xinhua net in a report by the title: the oil, the ubiquity of oil kingdom ".In addition, sina.com, free nets, "shenzhen special zone", "guangzhou daily" media also focus on oil museum.

  "Oil of past, present and future become focused on one of these is the social responsibility of the media." oil museum officials said.For the media and the enterprise, is a world news and cultural feast, and an interactive platform."The world is our perception of oil, petroleum.Conversely, oil and through this platform to further display oil concept, to let more people know oil approached oil, Shanghai media group." new colleague told reporters.According to the current more than 1.3 million Chinese and foreign reporters interviewed Shanghai world expo registration.

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